Conference Information


39th Annual AAC Conference – April 18-21, 2018 
Albuquerque, New Mexico
The American Adoption Congress is now accepting workshop proposals for the 39th AAC Conference scheduled for April 18-21 at the Downtown Hyatt in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Titled “RISING TO MEET THE FUTURE”, this event provides a unique opportunity for all those touched by adoption to learn from the experts. These workshops will let you share your expertise and experiences with those on the front lines directly involved in the adoption constellation, as well as with those whose lives are touched by the loss of family continuity.
You are warmly invited to become part of the conference by submitting a workshop proposal. Below you will find a list of suggested topics as well as guidelines for your submissions. We also welcome your original ideas and we will consider any idea that gives voice to the ongoing needs of the adoption community.
All workshops will be 60 minutes in length including q and a.

Workshop Topic Suggestions:
  • Addiction and Adoption
  • Keys to reunion success
  • A case for open adoptions
  • Adopting through Foster Care Systems
  • Experiences of LGBTQ adoptees
  • Difficult reunions
  • The spouse during a search/reunion
  • Mental health, is adoption crazy?
  • Birthfather panel
  • Choosing a competent adoption therapist
  • Birthmothers, telling your subsequent children
  • Difficult reunions
  • How to do an internet search
  • Passing OBC legislation
  • Ethics in intercountry adoption
  • Late discovery adoptees: “Am I adopted?”
  • Female adoptees and infertility
  • Joys and challenges of transracial adoption
  • After the reunion’s honeymoon period
  • Opening a closed adoption
  • Assisted reproduction technologies…who are the parents?
  • What to do when those we seek say “no”
  • Talking to your child about their difficult history
  • Avoiding scams during the adoption process
Format: Proposals must be typewritten or computer generated on one 8 ½ x 11 page. If multiple workshops are submitted by one presenter, a separate and complete proposal must be submitted for each workshop.
Title: Short titles please! (40 characters maximum). AAC reserves the right to shorten/change the title of a workshop.

Description: This will appear in the conference brochure and program. Description should be between 25 and 50 words and give attendees a sense of what to expect. AAC reserves the right to edit as needed.
Target audience: Is your workshop geared toward birthparents, adoptees, adoptive parents or professionals? If it is aimed at professionals, please indicate whether the level is introductory or advanced.
Content/objectives: Clearly list 2 or 3 objectives of your workshop – what will your audience learn as a result of your presentation.
Type of presentation: Will your session be a lecture presentation, group discussion or an active participation workshop?
Lead presenter: List lead presenter name with title (degrees), affiliation and triad position. Give mailing address, both day and evening telephone numbers and email address. Provide a brief resume covering all relevant personal and professional experience as it relates to your topic.

Room set-up:  Theater, circle, number of tables required, etc.?

Audio/Visual:    Please indicate if you will require audio/visual equipment. However, handouts are preferred by most attendees and help defer hotel audio visual conference costs.
Workshop proposals can be submitted at:


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